About Park East Sales

Equipment Sales, Rental, Lease

For more than a decade, Park East Sales, with divisions in both the Capital Region of New York State and in North Carolina, has provided reliable equipment on a purchase, rental, or lease agreement. Contractors turn to Park East Sales when they need a specific piece of construction equipment with knowledgeable staff behind it.

When a contractor requires special equipment for a job, Park East Sales rises to the occasion. This means having a special rental fleet and being able to transport the fleet to and from the job. We also have the capacity to haul superloads. Constant servicing is a must. With our computerized reminders, every piece of equipment is serviced at 250-hour intervals.

Types of equipment we maintain for sale, lease, or rental include road-widening paving equipment, landfill compactors, excavators, bulldozers, wheel-loaders, compaction equipment, motor scrapers and graders, drills, rock crushers, and other heavy-construction equipment.

Competitive financing is usually available.

We deal with the best major manufacturers, including Caterpillar, John Deere, and Komatsu, and our personnel are specialists should customers need service in the field. Because we are constantly updating our fleet, most of our rental equipment is no older than five years. In our diversified fleet we currently have more than 500 machines.

We also focus on the worldwide market and are able to export around the world to countries including Mexico, Canada, Germany, and others.

Contractors know they can count on us-for our high-quality equipment and the skill of our employees.

Download and view some information flyers to learn more about Park East Sales:

"Because we're a contractor, too, we know what our customers need."

"We're familiar with our local markets and know the types and sizes of machines contractors are using in the area."