Rose Valley Landfill Remediation

The owner of this 11-acre privately owned landfill was ordered to stop operations by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) in 1982. The DEC engaged us to complete a many-phased clean-up of this Class 2 Inactive Hazardous Waste Site. We commenced remediation in May 2007 and completed the project in November 2007.

CSX Railroad at High Acres Landfill

This dual contract called for construction of an unloading facility and rail spur for CSX Railroad’s main eastwest freight line at the eastern section of High Acres Landfill, owned by industry leader Waste Management. The project, coordinated by Marcy Excavation Services, required construction of three new rails from the CSX main line into the landfill, seven switches, yard lighting, excavation, roadway construction and fine grading. The completed project has enabled High Acres to accept double to triple amounts of household and solid waste from New York City, becoming the first landfill in the state to take shipments of trash via rail.

Broome County Landfill Expansion

This landfill expansion for Broome County Department of Solid Waste was designed to help the county meet current needs and seamlessly expand for the future. The new facility, located across from the existing county landfill, features a large 12.5-acre cell.

Auburn Landfill Liner Extension

This landfill expansion for the city of Auburn, NY consisted of two dual-composite cells totaling approximately 9.6 acres. Although the project was originally designed to take two construction seasons, it had been postponed for one year. Due to the delay, we were asked to complete the expansion in one season.

Alsen Remediation Project

The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) hired us to install a water treatment facility on land owned by a construction company that was shut down in the mid-1990s. The issue was the company used a type of cement that, when mixed with water, creates a highly caustic byproduct with a high pH level. Because the land is on the Hudson River, whenever it rained, the byproduct would flow into and pollute the river. Our task was to build a 3 million-gallon retention pond to collect the rain water, repair a smaller retention pond, and build a pump station to pump the water to an acid treatment facility that lowers the pH to neutral, making the water safe to release into the river.

Auburn Landfill

We recently completed another project at the Auburn Landfill, a site we have worked on many times over the last 25 years. This project consisted of the relocation of trash to construct the proper side slopes necessary for future capping and to allow the landfill operators to know better where they are for available space and to improve their efficiency. This project also consisted of gas collection system improvements, regrading of a large compost staging area and the cleaning/dredging of the onsite storm pond.

We are busy looking for other work opportunities for the 2017 construction season.We have a lot of bidding opportunities we are currently looking at, including a large earth moving project at the High Acres Landfill that will be out to bid this fall. I would like to thank everyone for their efforts in 2016. Once again, we were able to finish projects ahead of time and under budget, while keeping safety in mind. With the efforts of everyone involved in these projects, we have had a very productive year with a lot of opportunities still coming in. With the end of the season upon us, as well as looking into the 2017 season, please keep safety in mind in everything that you do this winter, both at work and at home. C.A.R.E. – Common Sense - Awareness - Responsibility – Every Day.

Seneca Meadows Landfill

We began working on the 26-acre Western Expansion Landfill final cover system late this summer. We are working long hours to get this landfill covered with liner and the necessary soil for winter stabilization. With steep slopes that range over 600’ in places, this project has its challenges. We have over a third of the soil in place, as well as over half of the liner in place as well. The second portion of this project consist of installing liner, road work and stormwater controls on a 25-acre portion of the Western Expansion Landfill. The third portion of this project is a final cover system over a 28-acre portion of the Southeast Landfill on this site. This work will begin in the spring of 2017. With all of the challenges on this project, the crews are doing a great job keeping health and safety and production in mind. Once completed, this will project will help the owner contain the gases needed for power production, as well as keep the landfill odors down.

Cayuga Operating Company

We are completing our 4th year of the landfill and site maintenance agreement at Milliken Station, a coal-powered electric plant in Lansing, NY. We are in the final negotiation stage for another improvement project on the Cayuga Operating Company site.This project consists of a new lined leachate basin with improvements to the existing structures and utilities. This will be a great project to keep a crew working late into the season.

Ogdensburg Airport

Ogdensburg International Airport Runway Extension is coming to an end! I’d like to thank everyone who has worked on the project, with your hard work and dedication we were able to complete the project 1 month ahead of schedule. There were quite a few bumps along the way, but in the end we have a very happy owner, and a great airport for the north country to travel south.