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CSX Railroad at High Acres Landfill


This dual contract called for construction of an unloading facility and rail spur for CSX Railroad’s main eastwest freight line at the eastern section of High Acres Landfill, owned by industry leader Waste Management. The project, coordinated by Marcy Excavation Services, required construction of three new rails from the CSX main line into the landfill, seven switches, yard lighting, excavation, roadway construction and fine grading. The completed project has enabled High Acres to accept double to triple amounts of household and solid waste from New York City, becoming the first landfill in the state to take shipments of trash via rail.


With a flat landscape and surrounding wetlands, the 19-acre site required extensive drainage before and during construction. Environmental protection of wetlands and natural habitat was paramount, as well as safety in the work zones since both the landfill and the railroad continued to operate during construction.


Nearly 20,000 linear feet of pipe and underdrains were installed to collect water and direct it toward an adjacent canal system and wetlands. Storm water pollution prevention plans included check dams, hay bales, diversion berms and silt fences to minimize soil and sediment erosion. Safety training and precise scheduling ensured protection of workers and traffic flow. Operations at the landfill and on the CSX freight line remained on schedule and uninterrupted throughout the project.


Site clearing removed 80,000 cubic yards of materials. Nearly 11,900 tons of sub ballast were used for the roadway and unloading station areas, with more than 5,000 tons of gravel and over 15,000 tons of ballast stone. A 48-inch diameter steel bore, at 160 feet long, was installed under the two mainline tracks to dispose of collected storm water, requiring an around-the-clock boring operation. Nearly 17,000 feet of rail tracks were installed as well as seven No. 10 turnouts and two bumping posts. Construction of the unloading station coincided with a separate two-year contract to build a new landfill cell at High Acres. Both Marcy Excavation Services projects were completed simultaneously.

“Extensive training and coordination was the key to safety and protection of all traffic.”

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