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Broome County Landfill Expansion


This landfill expansion for Broome County Department of Solid Waste was designed to help the county meet current needs and seamlessly expand for the future. The new facility, located across from the existing county landfill, features a large 12.5-acre cell.


Different operations were performed simultaneously, making coordination critical in the process. Highlights of the project included excavating more than 900,000 yards of material in three months; screening clay from on-site soil to use for the clay portion of the plastic and clay liner system; and installing two 2-million gallon leachate storage tanks. Operations were closely monitored by theon-site inspecting engineering firm, with routine visits by NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC).


Because of the complexity and timetable of the project, we had up to 25 personnel on site and as many as 30 pieces of heavy equipment. In addition to expanding the landfill for current needs, we also put infrastructure in place for future cell expansion. According to DEC regulations, we constructed a 1.5-acre wetlands on the site, with plantings selected to retain water.


The challenging nature of the project brought out the best in our team and its creative approach to landfill technology. The Broome County Landfill Expansion project is a prime example of client and company working together to accomplish a series of complex tasks in an efficient and professional manner.

“The expansion required that we move 900,000 cubic yards of dirt in three months.”

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