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Auburn Landfill Liner Extension


This landfill expansion for the city of Auburn, NY consisted of two dual-composite cells totaling approximately 9.6 acres. Although the project was originally designed to take two construction seasons, it had been postponed for one year. Due to the delay, we were asked to complete the expansion in one season.


The aggressive schedule and heavy rains during summer season presented significant challenges. The work for this landfill included, among other things, clearing and grubbing about six acres of dense woods, erosion control, excavation of 105,000 cubic yards of till, fill placement of 54,000 cubic yards for perimeter berms, installation of silt fence, a new pond outlet structure, new leachate lines, and two precast concrete structures. After completing the subgrade, we installed a ground water layer, then a Geotextile layer, and started the two-foot clay layer. The secondary liner was installed, structural fill added, Bentomat installed to protect the primary liner, and a final drainage layer of stone and recycled tire chips was added. Extensive testing was conducted on each layer.


To maintain good progress on the landfill expansion, we multitasked all summer. Because of this team effort, the ability to tackle different portions of the project simultaneously, and the ideal equipment available to us, this challenging project was completed with great success.


Despite the heavy rain that curtailed progress for four weeks, and the aggressive timeframe, both cells were completed and ready to use by December 12, 2008, ahead of schedule. When a company from Texas, Leak Locaters, checked the liner for leaks, they found only four leaks, an extremely small number.

“Our personnel multitasked all summer and, as a result, we completed the project ahead of schedule.”

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