Route 104 Oswego

Other projects may be winding down, but in Oswego we are heading full throttle into the close of the first year on a two-year job. This project is nearly four miles long and has all new drainage throughout. The reconstruction is limited to the shoulders as well as a few intersections to increase sight distance. In the midst of all the drainage and reconstruction, there are also three box culverts to put in.As all of the utility companies slowly move out of the way, we finally have the room we need to get the drainage going in the ground. Crews will battle the change of seasons as we finish out this year. Fingers are crossed the start of winter is mild like last year

I-890 Improvements

As the cooler weather begins to roll in, we are on the home stretch of finishing out this project. If you have driven through Schenectady, you more than likely have seen part of the transformation. Over the course of four weekend shut downs, we have successfully removed three old ramps, built two new ones, and demolished a bridge. Not to mention all of the milling and paving that went on at night. A big thanks goes out to everyone who has had any involvement on this project for the long hours that were put in to meet the deadlines.

Route 29 Bridge

With construction trends leaning towards Bridges and Paving, Rifenburg Construction procured a $2.5-million-dollar bridge project in Schuylerville. With this project came some new faces to the company. The new crew has quickly become part of the family throughout the progress. The first challenge we faced was creating new alignment and building a temporary bridge for through traffic during the construction of the new bridge. From there, the abutments and wing walls were poured and the beams were set. Recently, we completed the work on the deck. This includes a 120 cy deck pour, utilizing 17 people and one old deck machine that the crew rebuilt. This project is projected to finish later this year.

Van Rensselaer Square

Van Rensselaer Square is a 35-acre site planned for commercial and retail development with shops, restaurants, and banks. We are performing all sitework at the development, to be located at Routes 4 and 43 in a suburban area near Albany, NY.