Elmira State Route 17

A multi-faceted, major renovation project in Elmira, NY, this job showcased our team’s ability to coordinate resources and to foresee and plan for potential obstacles. The first facet of the project involved the full reconstruction of an eight-mile stretch of a well-traveled interstate, using new concrete pavement. Parallel to this interstate is a five-mile stretch of county road, which we were tasked with reconstructing with asphalt pavement. The final piece of this job included the installation of a new bridge and a new exit. With six miles of pipe required and 1.4 million cubic yards of dirt to be moved, our crews were kept busy all summer long.

Champlain Landport Entry

This interesting and rewarding project encompassed an entirely new inspection facility and new administrative building at the Canadian border at Champlain, NY. Work included 10 brand-new passenger inspection booths; two canopy inspection areas; all new water main and water systems; site lighting; new export buildings for commercial trucks; and new site signage. In addition, I-87 at the border crossing was reconstructed to widen and resurface the road to facilitate traffic.

Binghamton Airport

At the core of this innovative two-phase project is a concrete apron located in front of the airport terminal, designed as an area for planes to be stationed for loading and unloading, refueling, or boarding. When completed, it will require 5,600 cubic yards of concrete to be placed. This job also includes an exciting geothermal component, which involves the experimental heating of the concrete, as well as geothermal trenching and paving.

Route 85

Great job by all that worked on this project! Not only in the field but our office support as well. We completed the Incentive/Disincentive work in 137 days vs. the 150 planned days. This was a huge accomplishment by all. Not only was this contract work but it also involved 4 additional days of extra work due to undercuts and unforeseen circumstances. Great planning and teamwork always prevails!

Region 1 Culverts

This project has a touch of everything when it comes to culvert replacements. A touch of everything includes slip lining existing culverts, pouring new concrete inverts within existing culverts, and new precast box culverts. All have common stone outlets. This is a two year project due to stream restrictions and multiple site locations throughout Greene and Essex counties within Region 1.

Route 23A (towards Hunter Mountain)

This is a two year project that is similar to what we did a few years back. This section of roadway is riddled with problems that are associated with the stream at the bottom of the roadway slope. The stream creates never ending erosion problems for the State. With the creation of 5 ton Sta-pod structures and heavy stone fill being placed at the bottom of the slope, it is anticipated to slow down the erosion effects that have been ongoing. Along with this, will be GRES wall improvements, concrete encasement of previous smaller Sta-pod units, and a new lag wall. A small area with tight quarters but we will get it done. We always do!

Krumkill Rd./ Nottingham Way Culvert

These were two projects that seemed to sneak in during the summer rush hour. What I mean by this is, as a group we knew we were going to have openings in the schedule for pipe crews. We had a multi-plate culvert (Krumkill Rd) and a large diameter storm pipe culvert (Nottingham way) that we filled the need. Crews went right at it and made short work of much needed improvements. Krumkill Rd. had been closed due to a failed existing culvert and time was of the essence to have it opened up for the traveling public. The crew did exceptional! Nottingham Way replaced an existing culvert that was near failure, which was also completed in a timely manner. Both projects uphold the “Rifenburg way” while working for great Towns and the local community.

Route 9 Lake George

Another schedule-driven project! While partnering with NYSDOT and the Village of Lake George we were able to make some changes to the MPT scheme in order to have this project completed in one season vs two. Those that worked on this project did a great job with keeping the summer tourists getting thru the project and to local shops with minimal interruptions. We are in the final stages of the project with top course pavement and topsoil happening. We take pride in what we do here at Rifenburg Construction, Inc. we make great communities even better. Enjoy Lake George and support small businesses!

Griffiss International Airport

3rd times the charm! Rifenburg Construction has begun the last phase of the taxiway rehabilitation at Griffiss International Airport. This project is similar to the last, the existing concrete is rubbilized to create a new base course before paving. With two jobs under our belt, many changes have been suggested by our staff to help make this project a better product for the client. The crew has worked hard to complete 5000 cy of pavement excavation, 7000 cy of P209, and 6000 ft. of underdrain. The remaining work is paving and subcontractors. I would like to thank everyone involved in all three projects, with your hard work, we have left a great impression with the client.

Erie & Nott Casino Offsite Improvements

At the end of July we substantially completed the Erie and Nott Roundabout during a weekend closure. Everything looks great! Thank you to everyone who was part of the team that completed the work. During the same time period we began work on an adjoining project consisting of roadway and signal improvements for the Casino. We will finish up most of that work this year as well, with only a small area to finish on Nott Street next season.