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Watertown International Airport


This project represented an opportunity to be part of an exciting expansion for Watertown International Airport. The plans included a brand new taxiway and a 1,000 foot extension of the runway. Successful completion required 75K yards of excavation, 40K yards of P209 subbase, and extensive drainage.


Airport construction sites face a unique set of circumstances. First and foremost, they must adhere to the strict regulations set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The FAA requires compaction testing for this type of project, which includes ensuring the density and moisture content is correct. Additionally, as with any of our projects, we had to make every effort to work productively while eliminating disruptions to the airport's workflow.


Compliance with the strict safety and security regulations set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) was at the center of this project, from start to finish. Our team was made up of highly trained experts that consistently monitored the project to ensure proper density and moisture ratios were achieved.


This expansion project was deemed an overall success by the client and all crews involved. Progress followed the predetermined schedule closely, key deadlines were met, and the airport was able to function without disruptions. The end result: a new taxiway at the Watertown International Airport, and an extension of their existing runway. These critical updates will ultimately help the aiport attract more commercial airlines, bringing jobs and greater travel options to members of the community.

“... a brand new taxiway and an extended runway, which would ultimately lead to safe, more efficient air traffic for the airport.”

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