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Massena Land Port of Entry


The Massena Land Port of Entry is a high-volume, frequently used port. During our almost three-year involvement, intricate scheduling, careful phasing, and ongoing communication between the Rifenburg crew, General Services Administration, Customs and Border Patrol, and the St. Lawrence Seaway Authority permitted major updates to the facility while allowing the port to maintain daily operations and traffic flow.


A major challenge was the relocation of New York State Route 37, which had to be accomplished while keeping open access to the St. Lawrence Seaway National Bridge. The realignment of this roadway was critical to the success of the project and was completed while maintaining existing utilities. Other challenges included three bridge demolitions and removal; relocation of a high-voltage power line; 260,000 cubic yards of excavation; and 35,000 tons of asphalt pavement.


Strategic phasing and on-going team communication enabled Customs and Border Patrol to maintain operations and permitted the smooth and safe flow of traffic. An innovative use of recycled tires as decorative chips was a cost-effective and environmentally responsible materials solution. Wetland mitigation and the creation of new wetlands also produced a satisfying environmental note to the job.


The three-year project at this busy port was completed almost two months early, since our crew worked diligently through two winters of intense cold and wind. Today, the Massena Land Port of Entry is a modern, technologically sophisticated, and efficient crossing with all new water, sewer, electrical, and communications systems.

“Communication was critical between all key parties and enabled us to maintain an aggressive schedule.”

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