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Luther Forest Technology Campus


Luther Forest Technology Campus (LFTC) is being designed as an innovative environment in a forest setting for semiconductor and other high-technology companies. Our role involved clearing and grubbing 110 acres; moving 600,000 cubic yards of dirt; putting in a subbase for 5.5 miles of internal campus roads; installing 13,000 feet of a 30" water main within the campus; and constructing four large three-sided box structures for stream protection.


A major challenge was the unanticipated bad soil condition, which was very wet. It was also essential to maintain communication throughout the project with other key players, such as subcontractors and township officials about utility and other issues.


One solution to the soil problem was to recycle shale from a nearby township project to replace the bad soil. In other instances, before placing the three-sided box structures, we drilled down 85 feet and installed wick drains that compress material and suck out water. These were let to sit for four months before installing the structures over stream crossings.


The project, slated for completion in fall 2009, is ahead of schedule, with two miles of the 5.5-mile internal road already paved, allowing access to the campus earlier than anticipated for the construction of the proposed Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) facility.

“Coordination was essential and we participated in weekly meetings with the design engineer, the Town of Malta, and LFTC.”

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