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Interstate 88 Colesville


This two-phase project consisted of rehabilitation of four miles of a major highway and included repair to both eastbound (Phase 1) and westbound (Phase 2) lanes. The original concrete highway had to be cracked before any new asphalt courses could be applied. We also rehabilitated the shoulders and performed bridge repair.


Traffic control was essential on this busy interstate highway, and careful planning enabled traffic to keep moving. A particular challenge was the anticipation of poor existing subbase that required five-foot undercuts with removal of clay material. Even though this hindered progress somewhat, we allowed enough flexibility in our schedule for unexpected conditions. The weather also did not cooperate, as we experienced on average two rainy days a week. Despite these conditions, we managed to get what was predicted to be a two-year job done in one year.


A rainy season made a tight schedule more challenging, but because we always had an alternative plan the job was completed one year ahead of schedule. We also used local materials as much as possible to make the project more efficient. Working with the clay subbase presented issues, but as experienced earth movers, we overcame this obstacle.


Because we took our time paving, the project met the New York State Department of Transportation “rideability” specifications, whose criteria is not easily achieved. When vehicle-tested, the specs measure the smoothness of the road by recording every foot of the surface. This “extremely smooth” portion of I-88 will now give riders a safe surface to reach their destination.

“A particular challenge was the constant rain, but we compensated for it by having more than one back-up plan.”

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