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Woodall Subdivision


Rifenburg exceeded contract expectations and provided turn-key readiness for the construction of CalAtlantic Homes’ newest residential subdivision, Woodall Estates. Site preparation was completed for 52 custom designed single family homes to create an upscale community 1.5 miles from downtown Apex, North Carolina. Work included erosion control, clearing & grubbing, excavation, storm drainage, sanitary sewer systems, water distribution system, keystone retaining walls, stone, curb, asphalt paving, sidewalks and a widening of Apex Barbecue Road. This project was completed on time and on schedule due to the outstanding management and teamwork by Rifenburg.


Soil moisture was a major hurdle of the Woodall Estates’ project due to a wet climate, the winter season, and clay soil. Drying the soil and keeping it dry was a priority. Potential loss of soil through erosion was also an ongoing challenge because of rain and storm run-off. Additionally, the client unexpectedly shortened the timeline for completion of roadway paving and lot preparations. Rifenburg’s team accommodated the new deadline while still delivering a top quality finished product.


Rifenburg used air-exposure methods (discing), protecting the dry materials by daily sealing of the site in order to reach optimum soil density. Approximately 120,000 cubic yards of soil were moved during the project. Rifenburg ensured erosion protection engineering designs were properly implemented and maintained by working directly with soil erosion inspectors from the Town of Apex. Crews vigilantly cleaned up following all rainstorms to keep the soil contained and on site.


Installing a closed stormwater system, Rifenburg completed curbing and gutters on the subdivision’s entire roadway network (including catch basins and permanent rise basin ponds on site). Sanitary sewers were installed and a water distribution system was connected to municipal pipelines. Keystone retaining walls were constructed in order to increase the number of buildable lots for the subdivision and for aesthetics. Finally, building lots were graded, seeded, and Rifenburg completed approximately 5,000 feet of paved roadway with asphalt and stone aggregate. Expediting the work, Rifenburg’s team successfully met the challenge of a shortened timeline and CalAtlantic was able to reap the financial rewards of marketing the subdivision’s lots more than six weeks ahead of the original deadline.

“The client wanted to start selling lots ahead of schedule. We made it happen for them, without compromising quality or safety.”

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