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Raleigh-Durham International Airport


Rifenburg’s relationship with the Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority continues to be strong. The partnership, which began around the year 2000, has solidified further as we have recently successfully completed another major project and continue to provide on-going landside/airside maintenance for this busy international airport.


Our most recent major project involved the milling and resurfacing of one of the airport’s runways. This $11.5 million job, which also involved installing electrical lighting, demanded that we do the work while maintaining the flow of air traffic. The runway was closed entirely for a period of 30 days in summer, with another 60-day closure in the fall. While the project was being completed, air traffic was shifted onto another runway.


Due to the aggressive schedule, and the need to keep air traffic flowing, close coordination was imperative. Rifenburg staff, airport management and personnel, and subcontractors worked collaboratively to get this major runway project done efficiently, safely, and with the highest degree of quality.


There was no downtime and the airport did not lose any air traffic during the reconstruction of the runway, thanks to coordination efforts, and the dedication and willingness of our field employees to work long hours to adhere to a stringent schedule.

“Because of the diligence of our entire staff, we exceeded the expectations of our client.”

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