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Newport News / Williamsburg Int’l Airport


The configuration of this busy airport’s runways includes an intersection crossing. Phase I of the Rehabilitation of Runway 7-25 involved the northern half of the runway, the only one with an Instrument Landing System (ILS). We paved 4,200 linear feet (150-feet wide) with 36,000 tons of asphalt mix, provided erosion control, demolished an existing taxiway, and installed lighting and airfield electrical improvements.


Because this was the only ILS runway, it was imperative that, should a “cloud ceiling” develop, we were prepared to return the runway to the airport for takeoffs and landings within a 24-hour notice. This situation occurred on one occasion, and we were ready to return the runway for five days for safe and functional operation.


To meet the condition of giving back this ILS runway to the airport during emergency weather conditions, we coordinated closely with airport personnel and the project engineer. We also proceeded with the rehabilitation of the runway in a manner that made it safe for aircraft should we need to return it to use within the 24-hour window. We ascertained that there were no dropoffs and tied in open edges. Safety was always a high consideration.


Although we had to give back Runway 7-25 on one occasion for five days, it was a smooth and safe transition because we were prepared for this event in our construction and organizational methodology. Phase II of this runway rehabilitation project will address the southern section of the runway and the intersection.

“Because this was the airport’s only ILS runway, if weather threatened we had to return the runway to use within 24 hours.”

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