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Chesterfield County Airport


This exciting but demanding airport project required a total runway reconstruction to be completed in an extremely short time frame. For 60 days, our crew worked around the clock, successfully finishing the job to accommodate the 50,000 people expected to gather for a huge air show the weekend after the agreed-upon construction schedule.


The highly accelerated schedule was an obvious challenge of this project. Working at an airport of any size requires careful coordination and strict adherence to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) specifications and a heightened awareness of and sensitivity to safety and security.


Our solution to performing all work in a timely and high-quality manner was around-the-clock construction. Computerized scheduling enabled us to meet all requirements of this runway reconstruction, which included repaving the runway, installing a new airfield lighting system, shoulder reconstruction, grading, and drainage improvements. Our client had confidence in our ability to do the job, and on-going communication kept all aspects of the job smoothly coordinated.


The result of this dedicated effort was that all work was completed on schedule and the Chesterfield County Airport welcomed huge crowds to its airshow. The job also received compliments from the FAA, which noted that “it was the bestriding runway they ever saw.”

“We take a small-company approach to big projects, providing clients with experience and responsiveness.”

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