2nd Annual Proving Ground Rodeo

In 2016, Park East Sales launched our first ever Proving Ground Rodeo. Creating a day where our suppliers would have an opportunity to reach out directly to Rifenburg Company employees; allowing them to explore and receive training on various pieces of equipment.

his event generated a lot of interest and on February 28th of 2017 Park East hosted a second event. It built off the success of the first year and was able to spark an increased interest from suppliers, employees, and customers. This year the event peaked at 132 attendees arriving in support and leaving with new knowledge of today’s equipment.

icking off with a breakfast, the day was setup with five stations from Caterpillar, Komatsu, Volvo, Doosan, and Bobcat. An additional station was setup for operators to show off their talents in order to win prizes. Following the excitement of the stations was a delicious lunch provided by Graney’s Stout. This event also allowed an opportunity to showcase the new offices for Park East Sales and Rifenburg Contracting.

We would like to take a moment to give thanks to all those who attended. A special thank you to Peter Farone and the Park East Sales team for leading the event, and to Alicia and Stacie from RCI for lending a helping hand.Of course, none of this would be possible without the effort and dedication by our important partners involved with this event.

Thank you to:

Milton Cat

Robert H Finke and Sons Equipment

Anderson Equipment

Vantage Equipment

Fort Bragg Major League Baseball Field

Stars and Spikes on July 4th Weekend!!! Major League Baseball will host the first ever professional sporting event to be held on a military base. The event will take place in the new 12,500 seat ballpark that MLB built on Fort Bragg Military Base in Fayetteville, NC. The field was built on an abandon golf course, Rifenburg was tasked with the clearing and mass grading for the ballpark.

I’m happy to say the combination of some new iron, good project oversight, and a few operators from the Northern Division; we finished the project three weeks ahead of schedule and under budget. Opening Day of the new ballpark will be televised live on July 3, 2016 @ 8pm ET (Sunday Night Baseball).

1st Annual Proving Ground Rodeo

On March 8th, 2016 Park East Sales held its first annual Proving Ground Rodeo event. It was a full day of hands on education, training, and fun for the 100 + who attended. The event started with breakfast at 8am and from there the attendees were split into six groups that rotated every 45 minutes.

The proving ground was set up with six stations, each station represented a different type of equipment, ie. excavators, dozers, loaders, skidsteers, GPS, etc. Each group had the opportunity to have hands on well as time to share their input representatives from Milton CAT, Finke Equipment, and Doosan. The day was capped off with a barbeque lunch and prizes. We feel that the information exchange will be helpful during the 2016 season. The PES team would like to thank all who attended and helped to make the day a huge success. A special thanks to Milton CAT, Finke Equipment, Doosan, and all of the staff members that
made it happen.

We hope to see you all at our next event! Thanks to the hard work and dedication from all of our technicians during the winter months the Equipment and Truck fleet is in good repair and ready for the 2016 season.

Park East Sales is committed to providing quality products to help with the success of all Rifenburg company projects.

C.A.R.E. & Safety

In November 2014, Rifenburg Companies established a Safety Committee. The main focus of the committee, at that time, was to focus on improving our Company’s Annual Safety Meeting. The committee succeeded in this and decided to take on new tasks as a team by meeting once a month.

Currently, the committee consists of 10 members. The main focus now is to reinforce the Rifenburg Companies C.A.R.E motto - Common Sense, Awareness, responsibility, Everyday. Over the last year the committee has had many accomplishments including establishing a Safety Newsletter, which is distributed to employees monthly. Each month an employee is selected as our safety employee of the month, to be included in this newsletter. This employee is decided upon by the committee or his/her peers and acknowledged for their overall commitment to safety and dedication to our C.A.R.E. motto. The newsletter also includes reminder topics such as dealing with motorists in a work zone, practicing safety at home, snow and ice hazards, and even sun exposure. This keeps everyone aware of the importance of safety in the field as well as in our daily life.

This past March the committee put together another successful Safety meeting! The event was a day full of discussion, learning, awards, and training. The day ended with a positive message from Mr. Dan Clark who is an amazing motivational speaker and previous NFL Football player for the Oakland Raiders. A lot of positive feedback was received by our employees on the overall presentation of the meeting and we will continue to improve the meeting each year.

We at Rifenburg Companies value each and every one of our employees and keep safety an utmost priority. We want every employee returning home safe to their families at the end of each day. Your commitment to safety has helped the company establish and continue its .64 EMR - you should be incredibly proud of yourselves!