C.A.R.E. & Safety

In November 2014, Rifenburg Companies established a Safety Committee. The main focus of the committee, at that time, was to focus on improving our Company’s Annual Safety Meeting. The committee succeeded in this and decided to take on new tasks as a team by meeting once a month.

Currently, the committee consists of 10 members. The main focus now is to reinforce the Rifenburg Companies C.A.R.E motto - Common Sense, Awareness, responsibility, Everyday. Over the last year the committee has had many accomplishments including establishing a Safety Newsletter, which is distributed to employees monthly. Each month an employee is selected as our safety employee of the month, to be included in this newsletter. This employee is decided upon by the committee or his/her peers and acknowledged for their overall commitment to safety and dedication to our C.A.R.E. motto. The newsletter also includes reminder topics such as dealing with motorists in a work zone, practicing safety at home, snow and ice hazards, and even sun exposure. This keeps everyone aware of the importance of safety in the field as well as in our daily life.

This past March the committee put together another successful Safety meeting! The event was a day full of discussion, learning, awards, and training. The day ended with a positive message from Mr. Dan Clark who is an amazing motivational speaker and previous NFL Football player for the Oakland Raiders. A lot of positive feedback was received by our employees on the overall presentation of the meeting and we will continue to improve the meeting each year.

We at Rifenburg Companies value each and every one of our employees and keep safety an utmost priority. We want every employee returning home safe to their families at the end of each day. Your commitment to safety has helped the company establish and continue its .64 EMR - you should be incredibly proud of yourselves!