About Rifenburg Construction

The reputation of Rifenburg Construction is built on its responsiveness to customers' needs, its sense of responsibility to owners, clients, and its talented employees, who are committed to doing the job right.

Known for heavy highway construction projects, our work throughout the Capital Region and beyond includes complex reconstruction, safety improvements, road widening, and paving. Our experienced personnel and reliable fleet of equipment enable us to work concurrently on a range of projects, large and small. Our highway construction projects include new highways or rehabilitation of existing highways, as well as roads in industrial parks and commercial and residential developments.

On site development projects, count on Rifenburg crews for being the best at moving large quantities of earth. From the initial excavation, the installation of utilities, and the fine grading and paving of roads, Rifenburg will manage the entire site project.

When you require utilities installation, whether water, sewer, or communication systems, Rifenburg Construction knows how to do it right. Our highly trained crews and fleet of equipment result in high production rates.

Rifenburg Construction is also known for its expertise in environmental clean-up. As the danger of hazardous waste becomes increasingly apparent, we have become active in environmental remediation in projects such as clean-up of substandard or illegal landfills, abandoned tire dumps, and fuel spills.

"Our mission is to provide safe and efficient high-quality construction projects for our clients."

"No company knows how to efficiently move large quantities of dirt like Rifenburg Construction."